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  "Our clients invite us to be part of their team which provides us with an intimate glimpse at the core of their organization which is necessary to understand their corporate objectives.”  

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Tenant Representation

Engaging the Services of a Tenant Consultant - Tenant Representation 

Our team spent years working in the corporate real estate world.  The American Realty Group team of professionals have worked for some of New York's largest landlords and have a clear understanding of the challenges when we are chosen to act as the exclusive real estate consultant for your company.   

The tenant advisory relationship is established when we are chosen to act as the exclusive real estate consultant for your company.   Acting as an exclusive representative includes:Some of the menu of services provided while acting as your exclusive Tenant Representation consultant include:

- Market Research Matrix

- Site Evaluation and Selection

- Location Assessment/Space Utilization  

- Lease and Occupancy Cost Analysis 

- Lease Audit & Administration

- Market Analysis

- Space Utilization 

- Lease vs. Ownership Analysis 

- Selection of Other Service Providers, e.g. Architects and Designers  

- Design and Construction Coordination 

- Offer and Lease Negotiation 

- Contract Negotiation  

We give you the unique opportunity to take a look at the overall impact of your real estate decision.  Aligning your real estate decision with your business plan, objectives and overall financial strategy is critical to the success of your company.  Making an informed decision can increase profits, reduce liabilities, improve productivity and increase your overall employee retention.    

Protecting your business is our priority.  The inclusion of critical lease language is essential to the successful continuation of your business operations.

Our clients make fact-based business and real estate decisions which are aligned with their corporate goals and objectives.  

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