Tenant Representation

Leasing Testimonials:  

"ARG saved us over $130,000 on our office lease."“We had been a tenant in the space for over 10 years. The Landlord had already sent us the renewal offer. We were ready to sign and thought the Landlord provided us with a good deal. Our attorney advised us to hire a professional real estate consultant to review the business terms of the lease. We had always negotiated our lease on our own and initially thought it was a waste of time. We were advised that it would cost more to hire a consultant. We were subsequently informed that the services were "free" as the Landlord pays the commission. Ultimately we saved money. American Realty Group is now an integral part of our team to assist us with our real estate decision making process. “  

Steve Szubinski, President The PCA Group www.pcagroup.com 

"Our Business Doubled" “Our business has doubled in the past four years and our location has been the primary catalyst in that success. Thanks to American Realty Group’s expertise and thorough process. They spent a great deal of time understanding our business and thoroughly researching a particular site, and analyzing all factors of the transaction to protect our business. Our partnership with American Realty Group assists us with making important real estate decisions that have proven to be vital to our organizational growth."  

Dan Loncto, Owner Fleet Feet Sports www.fleetfeetbuffalo.com 

"We reduced our lease costs by 30%" "American Realty Group helped us reduce our office space budget line item by 30%. We have been in business over 50 years and always negotiated our lease without a real estate professional. American Realty Group has a wealth of experience and knowledge from the Landlord’s perspective. Every detail of our business, location and overall real estate needs was evaluated. American Realty Group is a valuable and trusted partner who brings fresh ideas to the table on a vast array of business topics. As with any good partner, American Realty Group is where I turn first for valued advice.”  

Stephen Metschl, President Metschl & Associates www.metschl.com  

"Extensive Knowledge"  "American Realty Group’s methodical approach to our real estate requirements saved us time and limited our future liabilities through their extensive knowledge of base year overages, service charges and other fundamental core lease stipulations. American Realty Group was determined that we obtained the maximum value from our transaction. There were no surprises. They also eliminated industry jargon and clearly explained the more technical aspects of the process. The American Realty Group's team are consummate professionals and provided exceptional outcomes for our company.”  

Mark Mistretta, Owner  Wendel Companies www.wendelcompanies.com   

Our clients invite us to be part of their team which provides us with an intimate glimpse at the core of their organization which is necessary to understand their corporate objectives.”   American Realty Group President   Engaging the Services of a Tenant Broker:  Tenant Representation   The absence of a tenant broker will almost always guarantee the loss of economic opportunities during the negotiation.  Some of our clients have experienced savings in excess of $150,000 by utilizing our services to assist them with their lease negotiations.    Our team spent years working in the corporate real estate world.  The American Realty Group team of professionals has worked for some of Buffalo's largest landlords and have a clear understanding of the transaction from the developer's standpoint.  

The tenant advisory relationship is established when we are chosen to act as the exclusive real estate consultant for your company.   Acting as an exclusive representative includes:


-Existing Location Assessment/Space Utilization  

-Lease and Occupancy Cost Analysis -Market Analysis  

-Lease vs. Ownership Analysis 

 -Selection of Other Service Providers, e.g. Architects and Designers  

-Design and Construction Coordination 

-Offer and Lease Negotiation 

-Contract Negotiation  

We give you the unique opportunity to take a look at the overall impact of your real estate decision.  Aligning your real estate decision with your business plan, objectives and overall financial strategy is critical to the success of your company.  Making an informed decision can increase profits, reduce liabilities, improve productivity and increase your overall employee retention.    Our clients make fact-based business and real estate decisions which are aligned with their corporate goals and objectives.  


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