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"Our clients invite us to be part of their team which provides us with an intimate glimpse at the core of their organization which is necessary to understand their corporate objectives.”   Michelle DeBergalis

Our Services

Full Service Brokerage - Buyer/Tenant Representation - Commercial Brokerage - Contract Negotiation - Corporate Real Estate Consulting - Business Management - Government Policy and Administration - Asset Management & Valuation - Re-use Analysis - Marketing and Strategic Planning - Space Utilization - Property Management - Facility Operations and Management - Corporate Office/Retail/Industrial Leasing - Site Plan Development / Environmental Compliance - Residential Development Consulting - Lease Audits and Administration - Broker Price Opinions - Construction Management - State and Local Economic Development Consulting  - Market Analysis and Trend Reporting - Security Consultation - Emergency Management Procedures - Structuring and negotiating business transactions - Competitive Analysis  - Key market identification and store placement strategy - Market potential reports and trade area trends - Site selection and negotiation - Mapping and demographic data analysis - Broker Price Opinion of Value - Tenant mix strategy - Office Leasing, acquisition and disposition services - Real estate valuations, structuring, and dispositions - Business assessment & Expansion strategies - Strategic planning - Real estate roll-out planning and implementation - Capital procurement - License, franchise, concession and branding strategies - Disposition of assets/Liability mitigation - Private mergers and acquisitions

Our team has the experience and technical knowledge to handle the intricacies of today’s sophisticated real estate transactions.     Our network of professional real estate organizations from around the globe give us an in-depth knowledge of the real estate markets locally and nationally.  Maximizing the value of your portfolio of assets while maintaining a professional tenant base is our goal.  

Service Lines

Asset Management

Our team has worked in the corporate real estate industry since the late 1980's for some of Buffalo's largest Landlord's.  We understand the transaction from the developer's standpoint and have the unique perspective to represent your asset.  From tenant prospecting to strategically positioning a property to capitalize on evolving market conditions, our approach involves an in-depth analysis of demographic information, economic forecasts and other market data.   

Our team will provide the exposure for the property, increase the overall landlord/owners presence in the area, and develop a strategy that attracts and retains quality tenants. We understand the importance of increasing your property values for today and the future.  As your exclusive agent, we will create and execute a strategic plan which maximizes property value within the ownership's investment objectives and fiscal constraints. Each leasing assignment is managed using a team approach, relying on seasoned internal resources such as marketing, finance, property and asset management as well as project and construction management.  The end result is the timely execution of a leasing plan that meets or exceeds investment criteria and complements the ongoing operation and marketability of the building.   

Tenant Representation / Full Service Brokerage

Most of the world's fortune 500 corporations outsource the real estate transaction management function. As dedicated real estate transaction managers, we work closely with our corporate real estate and business unit clients to develop and manage a unique approach to handling brokerage transactions whether on the local, national, or global level.  

This coordinated plan is most effective when linked to a strategic planning process that proactively identifies needs and requirements to enable greater opportunities for creating value for the client relative to a range of brokerage activities including acquisition, disposition, expansion and renewal. 

Our team of professionals are equipped with the most up-to-date market trends and demographic data. This allows us to provide you with the information you need to make intelligent, fact based real estate decisions which will result in making your business is profitable.

A team approach to service means the best strategy and outcome for each client. 

The tenant advisory relationship is established when we are chosen to act as the exclusive real estate consultant for your company. 


Lease Audit & Administration

We provide lease audit and administration consulting services to companies who need an outside representative to analyze their current lease commitments and develop a systematic approach to managing their portfolio of leases. As your trusted adviser, we track and manage your portfolio in order to increase your negotiating leverage. We also provide a market analysis study to ensure that their leases are comparable with the actual marketplace conditions. We will manage the leases and negotiate renewals in order to obtain the most “market” appropriate deal for the client.   

Public Sector Experience

A growing number of larger companies coming to the area are looking for assistance with projects in economic development revitalization areas.  Receiving benefits from various State and Local funding sources can be a complex process. We have in house professionals with over three decades of experience working in the public sector economic development community. We understand the procedures involved in applying for State and local economic development benefits. We understand the complexity of zoning issues and municipal approvals when dealing with the local economic development officials. These issues can stop a deal in its tracks without the proper representation.   Our team has the experience to assist you with all phases of your real estate. 

Property / Asset Management

Maintaining a proper business environment for employees while ensuring uninterrupted operations is a full-time job. We can provide you with the solutions and the ability to leverage expert resources in order to analyze the costs associated with your asset. Our facilities management professionals will create a balance between service levels and operating costs. We can assist you with leveraging the maximum asset value while reducing costs without sacrificing quality. 

We provide services to governmental entities with a large portfolio; single building owners, college campus environments or corporate office parks.  Our services encompass energy management audits and cost analysis, operations and maintenance, security consulting, engineering, environmental, ADA compliance, tenant and vendor billing, and administrative functions.   

Landlord Representation / Agency Leasing Services

American Realty Group has over 30 years of experience with portfolio leasing and sales management from the Landlord's perspective.  We provide landlord/agency leasing services using local market data and established relationships to achieve maximum occupancy levels for client properties and to quickly secure tenants to fill vacated buildings.   

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